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By Deanna and Wayne Kent

Put out 'Burn Out'


Last night my husband and I watched a film called “Chasing Coral.” This film documents in visual terms the die-offs worldwide of coral reef ecosystems (it is currently streaming on Netflix). Coral reefs are essential to the life cycle of species in the oceans. Oceans without life will have devastating, irreversible impacts on all life on land.

It is a fact that climate change is happening and one of its many manifestations is the rapid increase in the water temperature of oceans worldwide. It is confirmed that the increased water temperature is causing the massive die-off (bleaching) of corals. Whether or not you agree that human activity is causing climate change, the accumulation of carbon from human activity in the atmosphere is making it worse, much worse.

Shouldn’t we as a community be in solidarity with efforts by others worldwide to reduce or eliminate our activities that contribute to the ever increasing carbon levels in the atmosphere? Aug. 18, 19, and 20 is the weekend for the annual Goldendale Festival of Wheels, when the town will host an event that is sure to produce a mega load of carbon from an activity that serves no useful purpose. I’m referring to the “Burn Out” event. The following Monday, Aug. 21, is the total solar eclipse, and the town and the region will be flooded with visitors from all over the world to witness that event. Many of them will be in town for the weekend before that Monday. Wouldn’t Goldendale like to be seen as a town that is proactive in its efforts to join with the world community that is working to curb our carbon emissions? Shouldn’t the community reconsider the “importance” of the Burn Out event and cancel it?


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