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By Mildred Lykens

Get a grip, people


August 9, 2017

The hot topic of the month seems to be all about the upcoming eclipse. To me it is just a time when the day will slowly go dark for a few minutes and then slowly go back to the norm. I lived through the last one and plan—God willing—to live past this one. I’m one of the few who take most things without getting all discombobulated with what I have no control over. Just go with the flow, folks.

Every day we have something happen that will never happen again. This minute, hour, day, month, year—all come and go and no one makes a big deal over it. These “once in a lifetime” events are really not. This all happened back in ’79, so if you were born shortly before that eclipse, your life span would only be 38 years until this one—not even average middle-age for this day and age. I feel very sorry for those who feel that this is the most exciting thing to happen in their life time.

I remember when the talk was how the world would come crashing down around us when the clock struck midnight escorting in the new millennium. “All computers are going to crash—everything will shut down and there will be a worldwide gridlock on all communications!” Really? I determined: “Man made computers, so man can fix computers.” Pretty simple. And what happened? Nothing.

So, calm down, folks. Beyond whatever man makes of this upcoming event, the world will go on turning.

All that being said—my optometrist was very adamant about the danger of looking bare-eyed (or even with sunglasses) during this time. He told me that to do so will make irreparable damage, causing blindness to the center of the eye. And, in my opinion, any reputable optometrist will have the safe glasses free to their patients.


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