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By Diana Notestine

Follow the stars


August 16, 2017

My husband and I are part of the revived group called Town Pride (TP), which joined together about three years ago to help beautify Goldendale. This is not to be confused with the new Golden Pride.

The first thing we tried to accomplish was to ask the city if they would work with TP to get stars painted inside the crosswalks at a few downtown intersections. But since the crosswalks still had the white lines (piano keys) in the crosswalks, they would need to wear off first. Then-Mayor Clint Baze suggested that TP could put stars on the sidewalk corners of downtown for now, as well as stars on N. Columbus Street, beginning at Broadway Street, up to the Observatory Road. We made templates for these things, and they were accomplished two years ago.

The TP group has dwindled down to just my husband and me, but the dream is still alive. The original stars that were put up Columbus St. were too small to see very well unless you were looking for them, so, we talked to the city (Karl Enyeart) recently about making the stars a little bigger going up Observatory Road. The city agreed, and we made a slightly bigger template. The city has just repainted the new stars, and have added even more stars, just in time for the big solar eclipse event. I am hoping the stars may go inside some of the crosswalks next year, after Columbus Street is re-paved.

I felt that then-Mayor Clint Baze was very welcoming of my idea in the beginning, and Mayor Mike Canon has carried over the interest, as well as Public Works Director, Karl Enyeart, who made it happen. The city did most of the work, and we only had the idea and the solution, as well as making the template for the stars. I appreciate them working with us. We all have good ideas, but the other part of that is to also have the solution, which is usually the hardest part.

Many people think that Goldendale should have a theme, and we feel that the best theme for Goldendale should be the stars, space, and planets. When choosing a theme, a town is supposed to think of something that their town has that no other town does. Well, the Observatory would be that “something.” There are many types of art or décor that could be used for that theme, and it is more than stars. We have many great artists in Goldendale who could elaborate on it all.

And our public Observatory is only getting bigger and better.


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