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September 13, 2017

Four classrooms from Goldendale Primary School worked together the past few weeks to adopt a classroom in Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey ruined supplies in schools all over the city. Second grade classes, taught by Mrs. Kayser and Mrs. Barnes; and third grade classes, taught by Mrs. Gilliam and Mrs. Klejeski, participated in collecting supplies to send to a second grade classroom in Texas.

There's a particularly touching story about one family here, recounted by Kayser: "Katelynn and Zoey had been saving all of their change for three years to go to Disneyland someday. When they heard about how Hurricane Harvey ruined classroom materials, they asked their parents if they could use their vacation money to buy school supplies for the class we adopted. Their parents loved the kind gesture and took them to Staples to go shopping. The girls showed up at school the next day with boxes and boxes of supplies. They bought 30 of everything-from markers to rulers to notebooks! I couldn't believe my eyes! What kind-hearted girls to give up something they were saving for to help others in need!"


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