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By Max Erikson

Peck appointed to Planning Commission


September 13, 2017

The County Commissioners of Klickitat County have appointed Dana Peck to Position No. 2, District 2, on the Planning Commission—replacing Jim Dean—to an unexpired four-year term starting January 2018, on the recommendation of the planning commission.

The planning commission is an advisory board for the Klickitat County Planning Department and reviews all applications and proposals by developers who want to build in Klickitat County.

Using a comprehensive plan adopted by the county, the planning commission gathers information on new proposed building projects to determine if the new construction will have environmental or cultural impact on the community.

“The planning commission looks at a project, see what it effects, and determines if it complies with the comprehensive plan, or if adjustments need to be made,” Peck said. “We try to maintain the historical character of the county as much as we can.”

The planning commission assists in the preparation and execution of the comprehensive plan and makes recommendations to the county on whether construction projects should move forward.

Based on the information the planning commission presents to the county, commissioners vote to determine if a project can start construction.

“It is neat to get a sense of everything that is going on in the county, business wise,” Peck said. “We anticipate changes and see if proposals are a good fit for the community.”

Peck says public testimony on new proposed construction in the county is always important and wants the public to feel they have a role in shaping the future.

“We try to steer development in the right direction,” Peck said. “And public testimony can really help when taking new development into account.”

The planning commission plays an advisory role only, and any final determination of construction projects rests with the Board of Commissioners.


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