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By Max Erikson

Now you can track your blood donation


September 20, 2017

The American Red Cross is holding a blood drive on Monday, Sept. 25 at the Goldendale Community American Legion from 1 to 6 p.m. to bring much needed blood supplies to people who are in need.

Donated blood goes to people all over the United States and is used for transfusions, surgeries, and helping people who have been involved in a life threatening accident.

Nadine Brack, chairman of the Goldendale Community Blood Drive, says they have 35 appointments scheduled and hopes the community will come out to support the drive.

“Every time you donate you are saving a life,” Brack says. “It’s not every day that you can say that.”

Brack says walk-ins are always welcome but sometimes people are not allowed to give blood if they can’t pass a mini-physical.

“Before you donate, we check your blood pressure, iron count, and heart rate,” Brack says. “We want to make sure that your body is in safe condition to donate.”

The donation process lasts about one hour, accounting for the mini-physical, filling out paper work, the blood draw, and 15 minutes rest time to make sure your body has fully recuperated.

Treats are provided afterwards with cookies, brownies, juice, and water.

To speed up the process you can fill out forms online to receive a Rapid Pass, which can be presented at the time you show up.

The Rapid Pass has a barcode on it showing you have completed your questionnaire. It can be printed and brought in, or saved to your phone.

You can go to to start the process of registration, saving time the day of the donation. Rapid Passes must be completed the day of donation and not the night before.

A new feature the Red Cross has recently been using is to provide donors with a text message shortly after their donation, telling where the donor’s blood was sent and how it was used.

For first time donors, the Red Cross provides donation cards that gives your blood type on the card and can be used the next time blood is given or when you need it for a Doctor’s visit.

“We are always in need of Type-O blood, especially O-negative blood, because it is so rare,” Brack says. “It is important to know your blood type in case of an emergency, for you or someone else.”

Prior to donating there are some tips you should follow to make for a more comfortable experience.

The Red Cross advises that you drink plenty of water before your appointment, get a good night sleep, and avoid foods that are high in fat like hamburgers and fries that effect accurate testing on blood.

Eat a healthy meal the day of and have your identification or driver’s license with you at the time of check in. Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable and prepare for about an hour for the whole process.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about donating blood, call Nadine Brack at (509) 439-2011 or visit


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