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By Rodger Nichols
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Kid to city: 'I just feel like a jerk'


November 8, 2017

Rodger Nichols

APOLOGY: The juvenile who defaced The Wall That Heals this summer apologized to the city council Monday night.

"I am the kid who defaced the Vietnam Memorial, and I just want to say that I am terribly sorry for my actiions." That's how the young teenager began a public apology to the members of the Goldendale Ctiy Council at Monday night's meeting.

"At first, when I scratched it, I didn't know what the Vietnam Memorial was," he continued. "I didn't know what the war was or anything. But then, for the last two months I've been reading books, watching movies, watching shows, and I've learned what the Vietnam War was, how it affected the world and also why veterans are important-and I just feel like the biggest jerk right now for doing that. I am terribly sorry for my actions. I hope you can all forgive me, and thank you for listening."

Larry Barker, the juvenile court administrator for Klickitat County said a number of people had asked him what had happened to the person arrested for the vandalism.

"The young man who was involved in that was ordered to do various things," he told the council. "He had to do a bunch of community service, he is on probation, and one of the things he needs to do is to make a public apology to this body along with veterans on Veterans Day, and also the county commissioners."

After the apology, Mayor Mike Canon told the young man that the apology was appreciated, and added, "I think you're doing it the right way."

In other actions last night, council members were presented with a preliminary 2018 budget for the city of approximately $7.3 million. City Administrator Larry Bellamy characterized it as being a "bare bones" budget, with a single capital improvements item, the South Columbus grind out and overlay project and assuming no additional employees would be hired. That's a starting point for the budget committee which will meet several times before the end of the year.

Councilors also approved $50,000 for the purchase of a pair of dump trucks being surplussed by Klickitat County. Though they are 2002 models, they are in good shape, come complete with snowplow blades and sanding gear, and are 10-ton models, twice the capacity of the city's current 1977 and 1978 trucks. Public Works Director Karl Enyeart told councilors that other sources they'd looked at produced only equipment too old to use or were priced at twice the price as those offered by Klickitat County.

He also mentioned that the city would find out the results of tests on the newly-installed section of pipe from Emerson Springs and hopefully be able to put that source back on line without further work, because "There's already a foot of snow in the area."

Bellamy also reminded everyone of the Veterans Parade at 11 a.m. Saturday and encouraged everyone to attend.


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