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November 22, 2017

Be careful of Pandora's Box

I just wanted to share a thought that crossed my mind. I may be preaching to the choir, but maybe-just maybe-it might help in the days to come.

I hope your Thanksgiving plans all work out for the best, but sometimes family get-togethers don't always end on a happy note. (Been there...done that).

Remember families are made up of individuals with diverse ideas of the world and how a current situation should be resolved, and sometimes those opinions clash.

A loving family can be torn apart with a nonchalant remark about a subject near and dear to another member's heart.

And then there is the one member who always has to have the last word or believes everyone should be enlightened to their personal opinion-because it is the only way. If this person is an in-law, it is twice touchy, like walking on quicksand, because the more you struggle in the conversation, the deeper you sink; and their spouse will be the one most hurt.

Conversations become heated and lead to blow-ups or melt-downs, and either one can abruptly end a loving family reunion. Bridges can be broken or walls built.

So this year I'm prepared to keep my opinions limited to dull and boring conversation.

But if someone else opens Pandora's Box...

Mildred E. Lykens


For the record

Since the Vehicle Licensing Sub-Agent in White Salmon closed this past July I have been hearing a lot of confusion on the part of our customers.

Many of them have commented to me that they thought the Driver Licensing office was closed, so they have been traveling to Stevenson or other distant locations only to find that they are unable to get the services they need, or that they did not need to make such a long trip after all.

Both the White Salmon and Goldendale Driver Licensing offices remain open on their appointed days. In these offices a customer can apply for a first time driver's license or identification card, renew a Washington driver's license or id card or obtain instruction permit once testing has been completed or they are enrolled in a current driver's education class. We can provide numerous services to the community related to driver licenses or identification cards.

We cannot do vehicle registration, tab renewal, or issue disabled parking placards. These services must be done at the county Auditor's office or a vehicle licensing sub agent at this time.

Customers can often find answers to their questions by visiting our website at or they are always welcome to stop in at the office Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday in White Salmon, or on Thursdays in Goldendale during open office hours. Call (509) 493-1131, which also has a recording of our hours.

Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

Kerry Freeman

Office Supervisor

White Salmon/Goldendale Driver Licensing.


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