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New Hope seeks help for new well


December 20, 2017

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HOPE FOR NEW WELL FOR NEW HOPE: New Hope Farms well is on its last legs, and the facility is working hard to get a new well in place.

A big challenge is facing New Hope Farms and the community members living there, as the current well that supplies the water to the campus is running low and in danger of possibly drying up.

Entity Representative for New Hope Farms Collen Fogerty says they are not at a critical stage yet, and they are still receiving water, but signs of a problem started last summer when New Hope was forced to start trucking in water from Bishops to keep up with the demand.

"About every nine years or so we need to find a new well," Fogerty says. "We are doing OK now, but we definitely will need something new by summer."

The current well that is being used has been there since 1973 and has been used off and on since then. In 2008 the well started showing signs of slowing water production, so New Hope Drilled a new well and starting using water resources from both wells.

"The old well we are on now has dried up and refilled different times over the years," Fogerty says. "We have kept coming back to it when we needed to change water sources, but now it is running low again." The residents of New Hope Farms are dependent on well water for their daily living needs, and they are asking for help to get the failing well replaced.

New Hope Farms has been providing living assistance to developmentally challenged adults since 1978 and will be celebrating its 40-year-anniversary this summer. Currently New Hope Farms is serving the needs of 19 residents. Some residents have lived there for more than 20 years. Fogerty says New Hope Farms is an important part of the Goldendale Community that provides safe and loving homes for their residents and that they deserve quality water.

Currently the board of directors for New Hope Farms is making a concerted effort with grant writing and generating awareness for the need to drill a new well.

Drilling a properly sized well along with the related costs for the electrical, piping, and pump will cost approximately $225,000.

Vice President of the board, Ron Kinsella, says that they already have some money set aside to get the process going but still need more funding to complete the project.

"We are already on the list with a drilling company, and we are getting ahead of the situation before it becomes a problem," Kinsella says. "We even have found the location for the well and hope to start drilling sometime this spring."

Kinsella says they still need as many donations as they can get because of the high price tag and the high standard that is needed for the quality of the water. 15-20 percent of New Hope Farms annual budget comes from local donations from multiple sources.

New Hope Farms is requesting help from the community to generate the funds needed to help cover the cost of installing the new well.

Donations are tax deductible and checks can be made out to New Hope Farms and mailed to PO Box 89, Goldendale, WA 98620.

For more information call 773-3939


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