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Film Club includes discussion


January 10, 2018

It looks like OLESS is offering a parent’s night out, featuring movies in the older, Academy Awards Best Picture, category, and they are calling it Film Club. It’s like a book club, only better! You don't have to hold a book, read, or turn a page; just sit back and enjoy the movie. Discussion will follow so, yep—you have to pay attention because there will be a test! Popcorn and hot cocoa will be available with a donation. Sounds like a great time could be had, if nothing else, just for escaping the kiddos for a couple of hours. All can be enjoyed at the Lyle Activity Center starting Friday, Jan. 12 from 6:30 to 9 p.m., just in case you are interested in joining. Contact Cindy Bluemel; for more information.

Did you hear about the Hood River Bridge toll increase? Yep, starting Feb. 1 it will cost a whopping $2 to cross. My source, you ask? One of the attendants in the booth actually gave me a cold-hearted smile as he told me. That will narrow down my trips to Hood River drastically. If only there were a Wal-Mart in The Dalles!

Speaking of bridges, it’s good to see that the highway deparment (not sure which state) decided to work on The Dalles Bridge earlier this week. It will be so much nicer, if done right, to not have a jarring bump at every expansion all the way across it.

As there is no other news that I’m aware of, I shall implore you one last time—some photos of children visiting Santa are still hanging in the Lyle Post Office. I will be removing them this week, so please don’t make me throw these mementos of your child with Santa away. It would be sad to have an empty page in their “baby book” for that year. And that baby’s precious Cinderella satin slipper is still waiting to be claimed. I wish I could hand deliver all of these items to their rightful owners.


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