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The real teams situation


January 17, 2018

A couple columns back, I wrote about the success of the Klickitat and Glenwood sports combine. I regret that I did not accurately describe the discussions behind the decision for Trout Lake and Glenwood schools to go their separate ways with regard to sports. I violated my own rule of checking for accuracy and should have spoken to someone involved at the time of the decision. I was not fully aware of the discussions leading up to the decision, and I apologize to those from both Trout Lake and Glenwood who were involved in the discussions at the time. There were some differences of opinion among those involved, including administrators and board members, with the result that the two schools were unable to develop sports combine terms upon which all sides could agree.

At no time did the Trout Lake administration and school board say the Glenwood athletes were not welcome on their teams. Any Glenwood athletes could have joined Trout Lake teams, with the understanding the teams would be Trout Lake Mustang teams in Trout Lake uniforms. It was the decision of the Glenwood administration and board to try to field Glenwood Eagles teams here in Glenwood. Again, I apologize for including incorrect information in the earlier column.

How many of you reading this have ever had the need to call 9-1-1 to request fire or medical assistance here in Glenwood? How would you feel if there was no one here to answer your call? We have been so fortunate to have a well-trained, dedicated fire department to serve us for many decades and, perhaps, have begun to take the Glenwood Fire Department for granted. Our volunteer fire fighters and medics are here to protect the lives and property of those of us living here, and those passing through, from fire and other emergencies.

The department’s membership is dwindling and it is now down to just nine members. That is just too few to cover emergency calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department is urging local residents (men and women) to volunteer and fill the ranks. This is a great opportunity to serve your community and gain some excellent training and skills while doing so. Fire Department volunteers have a business meeting on the second Wednesday and a training meeting on the third Wednesday of each month. The Department is in need of more emergency medical personnel as well as fire fighters. You can contact Brent Gimlin at 364-4158 or Bryan Keithly at 364-3358 (or any other department member) to get more information regarding what being a volunteer entails and request an application. You can also show up at any meeting to obtain information and request an application. Remember, your fire department needs you.

Here’s another reminder of the first meeting of the year for members of the Glenwood Rodeo Association on Jan. 28 at 1 p.m. at the Grange Hall. Election of officers, 2018 rodeo planning, and Queen Kylie’s silent auction are on the agenda. Donations for Queen Kylie’s auction are very much needed and welcome. In addition to the small silent auction at this January meeting, she will have another at the Fort Dalles Riders Club in The Dalles on March 10. If you have items to donate, please contact Roxie Clemmer at (509) 364-3539. Community members who may be interested in joining the Association are welcome to attend the meeting to get an idea what is involved in planning and producing the annual rodeo. Refreshments will be served.


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