By Lyle News
Mildred Lykens 

No, I'm not sharing my big winnings


January 24, 2018

I’ll bet you’ve never heard of anyone winning the Publisher’s Clearing House money—nor heard of anyone who heard of anyone who has. Well, I’m here to tell you that now you have. Now I don’t want a bunch of people swarming to my door asking for a loan or an organization calling on the phone wanting donations. I have to decide on what I will do with all of it. I know that most people want to stay anonymous because of that very thing, but I’ll be up front and tell you right off that I don’t plan on sharing any of it with anybody. I know I’m selfish, and I’m sure there will be family and friends who are hurt, but I’ve just got to go where my heart leads me. However, I wa...

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