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By Max Erikson

Get your toolbox


February 7, 2018

Is your farmer toolbox equipped? Can you make it one more year? These are the questions that a new Survival Series workshop, sponsored by the Goldendale Grange, Klickitat Valley Health (KVH), and the GSAGP Coalition, hope to answer for both professional and backyard farmers and gardeners.

The Farmer’s Toolbox is the title of the first of a “Survival Series” and will be held at the Goldendale Grange on Sunday, Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m. Professionals in the industry will be on hand to offer advice on several aspects of farmer life and will be available for questions.

The workshop will also feature three guest speakers who will discuss important topics that impact the farming and gardening community.

Natural Resources Director for Klickitat County Dave McClure will give a presentation about local water rights laws and how the newly agreed upon compromise by state legislatures on the Hirst decision will effect local communities.

Crop advisor Wayne Pearson of SGS Drylands will be talking about the recent findings of soil acidity in farming lands. Recent studies have shown that Ph (potential hydrogen) levels in local samples show higher than normal acidity and Pearson will share tips on how the problem can be reversed by using lime.

Doctor Micheal Garnett from KVH health services will give a presentation on “New Ideas for Health” based on the most recent studies of health awareness.

Paula Lefever-Holbrook of Holbrook farms, and a member of the Grange, says that these are important topics that people should be aware of.

“As a professional farmer or a person who just enjoys gardening, it is a great chance for people to get information and to learn about important things that are impacting the farming community,” Lefever-Holbrook says.

The workshop is open to the community and a free roast beef dinner will be provided. The Grange will be accepting donations to help with the Grange scholarship program.

The Goldendale Grange is located at 228 E. Darland St. in Goldendale.


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