By Heres Goldendale
Diana Notestine 

The return of Here's Goldendale


February 14, 2018

Welcome back to my column, and I hope you will still enjoy it. Many of you have told me that you have missed the column throughout the years, and I guess I have come to miss it as well. I will try to add information about the Goldendale area residents or events and the like that does not get exposure in other parts of the paper. Anyone can write about a family member in college, or in the service, or if they just had a baby, or maybe just got married, that kind of thing. If your news is not already published in The Sentinel, then you can send it to me, and I will use it at my discretion.

The Klickitat County Senior Newsletter announced that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will begin issuing new Medicare cards in April. They will no longer include your Social Security number, but will be replaced by a new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier. This change is to prevent Identity Theft. The webpage has been updated to help health care providers prepare for the change. The cards will be mailed to you but will take 12 months to get cards mailed to all beneficiaries. Once you receive the new card, throw away the old card responsibly.

Many have heard that the Hood River Bridge toll went from $1 to $2 on Feb. 1. You can sign up for a BreezeBy pass transponder online at With a transponder that sticks on your window, your toll will still be only $1. You can get more info on the website.

I hope to have an email for the column soon.

There will be school on Friday, Feb. 16, to make up for a snow day, but there will be no school on Monday, Feb. 19 due to Presidents Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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