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Mildred Lykens 

Tiny house park draws controversy


February 14, 2018

At the town meeting on Thursday night there were many concerns expressed about the latest planned project in Lyle Proper. It was standing-room-only with residents wanting not only to hear Don Scarborough’s plan but to also express their apprehensions about the proposed “Tiny House Park” (Plan A) or perhaps an “RV Trailer Park” (Plan B) that would be located at the west end of Lyle. He gave a Powerpoint presentation hoping to answer the pending questions; then opened the floor to the unanswered ones. There were a lot of pros and cons from the crowd, mainly cons. He fought to make the crowd understand that his investment would benefit Lyle, but many were not accepting it. Even after the sketches of how pleasing the property would look, after he fit 28 Tiny Houses or 28 trailer spaces, there were still shakes of the head or negative muffled banter of those he tried to convince. Issues such as water, septic, electric and roadway easements were addressed with no affirmative reaction.

The presenter explained that the section of each Tiny House would be leased after a thorough background check of the tenants by his investor’s conglomerate. One question was about what would happen if the tenants were to let the place fall into shambles, to which he answered they planned on having good quality tenants that would police themselves. After most of the questions were answered to the best of Scarborough’s ability, and the meeting deemed over; the crowd broke into small intimate groups to express their personal opinions as to the project’s ability to really be an asset to our town. I contacted him after the meeting and gave him my email address, explaining I would like additional written information along with a quote. In his email the next day he sent the same Powerpoint presentation and this quote: “I appreciate the opportunity to have met with almost 40 members of Lyle at the community center last night. Additionally, several other members of the community have contacted me with their questions, concerns, and ideas. I’m thankful for all of the positive feedback we’ve received along with several helpful ideas that we will incorporate into our plan. Chris Korwin and I look forward to working with the Lyle community on an ongoing basis with the goal of making Lyle an increasingly attractive place for people to live, work, and invest in.” Will all this come to pass? Only time will tell.

Students, staff, and parents packed the gym on Wednesday, Feb. 7, for the presentation of more than 200 awards for first-semester academic performance to students in grades kindergarten through 12. Gold Cougar Awards - A total of eight high school students and three middle school students qualified for the Gold Cougar Award by earning a perfect 4.00 during the first semester. Silver Cougar Awards - A total of 13 high school students and 13 middle school students were honored for achieving a GPA between 3.5 and 3.999 during the first semester. Bronze Cougar Awards - A total of 20 high school students and 11 middle school students were honored for achieving a GPA between 3.0-3.499 during the first semester. In addition to overall GPA awards, teachers presented awards in specific categories, such as “Scholar Mindset,” “Critical and Independent Thinking,” “Most Impressive Growth,” and more. The full list of award recipients and photos are on the district webpage at and extra photos are posted to the district Facebook page, @lyleschools. Congratulations to all deserving students…well done!

The Lions Club wants the public to know that they are now collecting/recycling used cell phones. The Pacific NW Lions Recycle Center, that collects the eyeglasses & hearing aids we send them, is now collecting used cell phones. The cell phones will be cleaned, refurbished and the cell phones will be distributed to domestic violence victims for the use of “911” calls only. The used cell phones can be brought to the Lions Club and put in the “Recycle/ Hearing Aid” box located in the lobby area. The Lions Club is open every Tuesday for Senior Meals from 10 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. and every first Saturday of each month during the Pancake breakfast from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.


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