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February 21, 2018


GET TO KNOW YOUR TOOLS: A panel presented vital information at the first Environmental Educational Workshop Sunday. Left to right: Dave McClure, Klickitat County Environment Director; Dr. Mary Schroeder, Goldendale High School Counselor; Dr. Michael Garnett, Klickitat Valley Health; Paulette Lefever Holbrook, Meeting Organizer.

An enthusiastic standing room only crowd gathered Sunday evening at the Goldendale Grange Hall for the first in a series of Environmental Educational Workshops sponsored by Goldendale Grange 49, Klickitat Valley Health and Goldendale Suicide Awareness /Prevention Coalition.

Wayne Pearson, SGS Dryland Crop Advisor started the evenings activities off with a discussion on soil acidity, an issue that is eventually going to affect every person in Klickitat County, whether you raise three tomato plants in your back yard or a dryland farmer raising hundreds of acres of wheat. Soil Ph is very complex issue that can be mitigated, although the fix is costly and needs to be formulated on an individual basis.

During Pearson's remarks, the Grange ladies were busy carving the roast beef and dishing up the chocolate brownies and ice cream for a much larger crowd than expected. The aroma of the expectant free dinner permeated the hall during the opening remarks.

Dr. Michael Garnett provided a lively discussion fittingly presented during the meal on "New Ideas in Health" and "How Todays Eating Habits are Effecting Our Daily Lives."

Dr. Mary Schroeder, Goldendale High School Counselor and Multicultural Consultant, followed up on Garnett's comments with what she sees daily within local schools and explained the risk factors and warning signs that lead to suicide. She stressed that suicide is becoming more commonplace in our society, and everyone needs to be able to recognize the warning signs.

The evening closed with a discussion about the impact of the Hirst Decision on local water rights with Dave McClure, Klickitat County Environmental Director.

The evening was tremendously successful, closed on time in the allotted two hours, and plans are already underway for the next segment of the series.


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