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Carol Ann Battison


February 21, 2018

Carol Ann Battison passed away in her sleep on the early morning of Feb. 12, 2018. She spent her last days the same as she lived her life, on her own terms, at her home with her family. Originally raised on a Montana farm, Carol epitomized the western spirit. She was kind, confident, selfless, no nonsense, and strong. She excelled as a single mother, showing her eldest son, Kevin, all the love anyone could want or need. Carol eventually went on a blind date with a Canadian named James Battison, who fell in love with her immediately. At the time, she wanted nothing to do with him, but James was able to convince her to be friends and later set forth to become a good male figure for her son Kevin and for her.

After James and Carol married, they settled down in Canada and had another son, Eric, which further strengthened the foundation of their family. Over the years, life threw them many curveballs, but Carol was the glue that held them together. She raised her children in the cultures of two countries and helped support her husband in hard economic times. She was their emotional foundation. Carol was also a wonderful grandmother who often lent her wisdom to her grandchildren. She made a habit of adopting people into her life, making them part of her family, something she was aggressively protective of. The household that she constructed was full of laughter, goofy songs, and most importantly love. Carol was a unique woman who kept up with her energetic son while watching over her stoic one, she supported both of them even when she disagreed with their choices, and also taught them how to parallel park.

In the end, strong-willed and independent nature allowed her to face her battle with Alzheimer's with humor and humility. With her passing, she is survived by a myriad of people too many to name. Some of those closest to Carol include her husband of 41 years, James Battison; sisters Sandra Monroe and Vicki Carr; and brother Alan Brickman. She is also survived by the families of her children, Kevin Battison and his partner Timi Garcia, and Eric Battison and his partner Mai Pham, along with grandson Matthew Battison and his fiancée Samantha Adams; as well as the family of her unofficially adopted daughter Sara Schollard and her two children, Jada Scott and Riley Webb. With her passing, an integral part of her family has changed, but the love she gave and taught them remains.


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