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By Max Erikson

A lost gold ring becomes an instrument of 'divine intervention'


February 28, 2018

Max Erikson

IT ONCE WAS LOST AND NOW IT'S FOUND: Jackie Ladewig lost a priceless heirloom ring. Gary Anderson, out working with his metal detector, found it. The ring was returned to its owner last week at The Sentinel office. Ladewig calls its discovery miraculous.

For Goldendale resident Jackie Ladewig, it was more than luck that she was reunited with her lost gold ring and family heirloom. It was divine intervention.

Considering how she got her ring back, it would be hard to argue that interpretation.

In October 2016, a young family member of Ladewig's had the ring while playing football at World War II Park in Goldendale when it went missing. It was an unfortunate day for the family because of the sentimental value associated with the ring, but Ladewig knew that if it was meant to be found, it would.

The stars where aligning after Ladewig's normal weekly routine was altered by a commitment to play piano for wedding on a Tuesday, her normal shoppi...

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