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Looking Back


March 14, 2018

March 6, 1919

James Clark, former owner of the Star Theater, was in the city this week on business. He sold the theater to Willard Eddy, who has had it leased for some time past. Mr. Eddy recently purchased the building from N.B. Brooks. Mr. Clark is located at present at Glendale, Oregon, where he has a position with the railroad.

Miss Jacroux of Spokane has accepted a position at the Star Theater as musician. She is an experienced picture show pianist and will doubtless furnish the Star patrons a great deal of relief from the canned music.

February 13, 1919

The No. Six Grange requests everyone interested in improving the No. Six roads under the Donahue law to meet at the courthouse at one o’clock on February 22 to discuss the same.

The county attorney and commissioners are especially invited to be present. Ernest D. Roe. Master No. 6 Grange.

February 23, 1939

This week work was started on the construction of a new, cement block garage building on the D.M. Layman property on Columbus Avenue, next to the Masonic Temple and across the street from the court house. The present garage building will be removed and a larger fire proof, modern structure erected in its place.

January 17, 1946

Lt. Ted Hornibrook, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Hornibrook, of Goldendale, has received his release from service after being in uniform almost five years. He had landed in the states at Seattle on December 22, but was forced to spend Christmas day at Fort Lewis hospital as the result of injuries received in an auto mishap two hours after he stepped off his ship. His parents also had their car damaged in a mishap and as a result were unable to visit him in the hospital.

February 27, 1969

Lambing time means sleepless Nights: Lambing time is in its third week for sheepmen in Klickitat County and hopefully, the long nights of sleepless watching will soon be over. At the Clyde Story farm, south of Goldendale, nearly 170 ewes had lambed by Thursday last week, with an estimated offspring production of over 200. The main reason for the heavy count was the result of more twins than usual. For Clyde, a husband less than two months, the process of insuring the safe arrival of the lambs was a little difficult. Like most other sheepmen, he has been spending his nights “sleeping with the sheep,” in order to make regular rounds between sundown and dawn as well as to be near at hand in case of marauding predators or other emergencies.

Answer to last week’s trivia question:

Byars Street, North side of Little Klickitat Creek. Was named after William Fleming Byars. In 1894 he moved to Goldendale, became editor and eventually owner of The Goldendale Sentinel. He was responsible for starting the first “Looking Back” articles, written over 100 ago. His series was known as “Clipping of the Past.” In 1908, he sold his interest in the paper and established “The Abstract and Title Guaranty Company.” During his 50 years in Goldendale, he served as: deputy county surveyor, county engineer, city councilman, mayor of Goldendale, city clerk, police judge, and five years as postmaster. He died March 10, 1949.


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