Oregon Trail Rally, Travis Pastrana return to Goldendale


April 18, 2018

Jaryd Cline

Stunt performer and motorsport legend Travis Pastrana takes a picture with a young fan during last year's Oregon Trail Rally in Goldendale. Pastrana returns with the rally this year and will be available to sign autographs and take pictures etc. at 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 5:30 p.m. on Saturday in the Goldendale High School parking lot.

"There's a hierarchy of insanity in motor sports. Normal people think all racers are crazy. Folks who race sedans think people in open-wheel cars are nuts. People who race cars of any kind think motorcycle racers are absolutely off theirs meds. But there's one group that everyone agrees is made up of the most extreme, the most daring, and absolutely craziest people in racing - rally racers."

Oregon Trail Rally Guide

Travis Pastrana and the Oregon Trail Rally circus come to Goldendale this weekend, Saturday April 21. For the third year, the excitement of $500,000 Subaru racer cars, international drivers, and racing on some of the area's most challenging and historic roads will be freely accessible to local residents.

Pastrana, an internationally known motorcycle and car racer, is founder of the televised Nitro Circus. He is recognized as one of the pioneers in motorcycle acrobatics. His recorded stunts, readily found on YouTube, are legend as is his well-earned reputation as a great guy who loves meeting with his fans.

Even better, Travis and the other drivers will be available for conversation and selfies at the high school paddock area at three points during the day, 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 5:30 p.m.

Rally racing is done on existing roads - usually steep, twisty, gravel roads - that are closed to the public during the race event, called a stage. Drivers race against the clock on each stage and the lowest total time determines the winner.

To put it in perspective, the top speed on Dalles Mountain Road was 104 miles per hour.

For 2018, stages are Dalles Mountain Road from Highway 14 to Uecker Road in Centerville, Maryhill Loops, Oak Flat Road from Hoctor Road to the Bickleton Highway, and Rock Creek Road from Badger Gulch to Highway 14.

Spectator areas are at Dalles Mountain Road and Uecker Road, the Maryhill Loops overlook off Highway 97, and the intersection of Saxton Bane and Oak Flat Road. A free bus from the Grace Brethren Church to the Maryhill Overlook will be running during the day; other spectator sites can be reached by car. Check the schedule for when race stages take place near the spectator areas.

More details on routes, times, and teams can be found at the Oregon Trail Rally website, oregontrailrally.com. A helicopter video shot in the area is on YouTube as "Heli chases Subaru Rally Team USA at Oregon Trail 2016".


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