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By Max Erikson

Unique horse gets a unique marker


April 25, 2018

Max Erikson

ART WORTHY OF A SPECIAL HORSE: Sarah Restorff holds the special grave marker made for her horse, Addy Star. The marker was made by Career and Technical Education students at Goldendale High School

Goldendale resident Sarah Restorff is forever grateful to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at Goldendale High School (GHS) for the amazing sign the metal shop students made for her beloved horse, Addy Star.

Addy Star was a dark-brown thoroughbred that recently passed away from complications of turn gut. Turn gut is when a bowel in the horse is twisted, preventing food from passing through. Colic caused by the impaction of undigested food collects in the caecum, or large bowel, results in turn gut and is fatal to the horse.

A burial site for Addy Star was marked with a large boulder before Restorff got the idea to replace the boulder with a grave marker that was more fitting to the personality of her horse.

"I had a strong spiritual connection with Addy Star, and she was a birthday gift to me, and I really bonded with her," Restorff says. "She was a very calm and loving horse."

Restorff had seen some of the metal signs around town made by the CTE students and wanted to have one made in honor of her horse. She contacted Josh Krieg, the metal shop teacher at GHS, and made the request.

"I called the high school and talked to Josh and gave him some ideas of what I wanted the sign to look like," Restorff says. "I really want to give him and his students credit for the great job they did. Teaching kids that stuff is amazing, and Josh is a great teacher for the community."

Restorff recalls the fun personality Addy Star had and the times that her cat would snuggle with Addy Star. Addy Star would also pick up a cup of coffee with her mouth and drink it.

"The CTE is such a wonderful program and what they do is a great way to give back to the community," Restorff says.


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