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By Denice Owen
For The Sentinel 

School begins early registration


With summer closing in on us soon, the staff and students of the Goldendale schools are already preparing themselves for the next school year. On Tuesday, May 8, Thursday, May 10 and Thursday May 15 from 3:15 to 5:45 p.m. the Goldendale Primary School will be having its Kindergarten Registration again. By holding the registration this early, right before students start to close their books and mentally check out, the school can know the amount of kindergarten students they will have coming in their doors next year.

Early registration is important for learning about the incoming children, giving the teachers a feel for the demographics of the incoming class. It also poses as an opportunity for informing new parents coming into the school system, giving them the information and answers to any questions they may have for the teachers or how the Primary School works. Having the knowledge of knowing the children who are coming in makes it possible to balance the classrooms atmosphere. As one kindergarten teacher put it, “With this we can balance the classrooms with the amount of girls and boys in each class.” After the children are registered, teachers can learn about any of the children’s special need to be prepared for when they start in the fall.

Upon going to the registration, children get to get a feel for the school building and meet their possible teachers before starting their journeys into being an elementary school students.

Kindergarten is very important for the future of a child’s school experience, and making sure they are all signed up and prepared beforehand makes it easier on the parent and child alike when the first day of school rolls around again. Incoming children must be five years old by August 31, 2018, and to sign up you must bring the child along with their birth certificate and immunization record. Call 77-4665 for an appointment.


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