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She gets my vote

What do you want in a state legislator? “Someone like me,” you think. But for Legislative District 14, comprising Skamania, Klickitat and Yakima, that’s an impossible order because we are so diverse, from ranchers and farmers, to mill workers, and to the high tech enclaves along the Gorge.

For me, the real answer comes down to three qualities: character, smarts and a gut instinct for the little guy. So, I’m voting for Sasha Bentley.

“Character” includes all those American virtues we celebrate such as honesty, hard work, and a can-do spirit. Sasha has an abundance of character.

“Smarts” are vitally important, because that means even if she’s not a rancher, Sasha can tour a ranch, listen to your story, and understand the problems you’re facing. And, she’s miles ahead of me in navigating the new world of social media and high tech developments, like high speed internet for rural areas. She’ll keep an eye on the highly technical water rules that are evolving since the Hirst decision.

At the heart of it, though, is Sasha’s instinctive answer to the age-old question: which side are you on? She’s for the little guy, the small business, the struggling single mom, the kids working and going to school, the senior hoping to stretch their social security check a little farther, the person of color forced to walk under a crude “whites only” graffiti (she grabbed a brush and organized a few people to paint it out). She wants things to be fair for everyone.

Legislative District 14 stretches from a few eastern Vancouver suburbs, through all of Skamania and Klickitat counties, and the western half of Yakima County. Norm Johnson, our longtime legislator, has retired. So, the race is wide open. I’m voting for Sasha Bentley.

Sandy DeMent



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