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The price tag on temptation is much too expensive


The other evening I was watching TV when I was overwhelmed with a desire for a Dairy Queen Turtle Blizzard. Well, I’m on a perpetual diet, and I got into an argument with myself. (I find myself doing this once in a while, but that’s OK—I always win.) I picture an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other speaking into different ears yet each claiming to be me, or just voices in my head, you take your pick, but this is how it went and what all happened.

D. I want that blizzard.

A. I know, but I’m not supposed to have one.

D. I don’t care.

A. But I do.

D. Not enough.

A. That’s true.

D. It’s only 8 p.m.; there’s still time, they’re still open.

A. It’s clear over in...

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