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Looking Back


May 16, 1889

The contract for the new hotel in Goldendale has been let to Mr. James Wheelhouse of Columbus. Excavating for the new hotel has already commenced, and the dirt is being used with which to grade Columbus Avenue south of Main Street. (This contract was for the Central Hotel. It was later replaced by the Hall Hotel. The Hall Hotel was demolished to provide extra parking for the court house staff.)

March 27, 1919

Centerville has a bond election coming up in two weeks, at which time the voters in Consolidated District No. 10 will decide on the matter of bonding that district for $30,000. to erect a new modern brick school building. At present the school is being held in three buildings in Centerville and the facilities are wholly inadequate. This district is quite large, extending to within half mile of Warwick, within a mile of Goldendale, south of Centerville three and a half miles, and two miles north. The district is not at present in debt.

March 23, 1967

Tom Cuff, a resident of Goldendale from 1949 to 1957, has assumed the operation of the Signal Service Station on Highway 97 in Goldendale. Cuff attended school here and in 1957 entered the Air Force where he spent four years stationed in Colorado. He has been associated with The Dalles Tractor Center for the past several years.

June 6, 1968

John and Lorraine Foster are announcing the grand opening of their new “Golden Agate Room” at the Oasis Café on Friday and Saturday. The Oasis has a long history as a Goldendale business firm. The building that the Fosters started in was originally the Island Lunch located where Chuck’s Chevron is now. In 1956 the Fosters purchased the business from Louise Scherer and started out with the “large” pay roll of two, John and Loraine, working 12 hour days. Since 1956 the Oasis has been rebuilt six times and Foster states that not one board is left from the original building. Today, the Oasis is a 24 hour a day operation. Thirty people are employed both full and part time. The original building had a seating capacity for 17 and today, with addition of Agate Room, it has a capacity for 500 people.

June 8, 1978

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Davenport spent the Memorial Day weekend in Spray, Oregon, where Bruce participated in the rodeo there. Bruce placed third in the bareback riding event.

June 8, 1978

The upper grade room of Roosevelt Grade School put its mark up for all the people who are traveling down the highway to see. The grade school went up the hill north of the school and built a 22 foot “R” and painted it white. They report they did not encounter any rattlesnakes however a few sunburns were received.

Answer to last week’s street question:

Washington Street, found in the west end of Goldendale was named in honor of George Washington our first President. April 18, 1889 - Goldendale Sentinel: “It is said that on the morning of April 30, 1889, at 9 o’clock by previous arrangement, the church bells in Goldendale and all over the country will ring to celebrate the event of one hundred years ago, when the church bells throughout the thirteen states rang out to call the people together to pray for the success and prosperity of the country under General Washington, that day inaugurated president of the United States.”

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