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Mildred Lykens 

Congratulations to graduates


Congratulations are in order for our entire senior class of 23 Lyle High School graduates. Each graduate has personal plans; some are considering more education to acquire degrees in which to enable them to qualify for the competitive world out there. Their choice of endeavors will need funds; and to aide them in those funds were the many local scholarships available to them. One of these scholarships is not local but provides aide to students who have pledged in their junior high years to maintain their grade point average of 2.0 and keep a clean record, both in and off the school grounds. This College Bound Scholarship has 18 or our seniors qualifying, with potentially $209,000 in funding available. That is a very high percentage of the graduating class—good going, graduates! We’re proud of you! More information is available at their website at Lyle

Did you happen to see a bunch of bicyclers all dressed in orange jerseys as you traveled on Highway 14 Wednesday and Thursday? They are the Fuller Center for Housing movement, on a Christian-based mission fundraiser that started out in Astoria, Oregon, and will finish in Portland, Maine, sometime in mid August. On this leg of the journey, Bingen’s First Baptist Church congregation hosted a large potluck dinner and sleeping accommodations as well as shuttle service from the church to the Hood River swimming pools showering facility. The group’s 20 riders and four drivers range in age from 19 to 78 (and yes, the 78-year-old rides a fair share of the time, too). Two vans hold emergency supplies for both bike and rider. Each entry had to raise $4,500 toward the mission and is scheduled to help build or repair homes for the unfortunate along the way. Another team, on a southern route, rides from Ocean City, California, to Ocean City, New Jersey. For more information or to follow their progress:

Lyle Community Council hosted an evening with our own County Commissioner Dave Sauter last Tuesday evening. He was very gracious to accept questions and concerns about the sandbar issue and what can be done to make a safe and legal access to it. The main issue is the BNSF rail road’s refusal to allow pedestrians crossing its tracks, with public safety and liability their concerns. They will only comply with a bridge over or a tunnel under the tracks. Commissioner Sauter stated that brainstorming has offered different ideas but it all comes down to the all mighty dollar. Wind and Kite surfers, boaters and fishermen all spoke their concerns of not only foot but boat access to the river; as the boat ramp at the cove being almost inaccessible. Although the cove is owned by the county and the sandbar is owned by the Forest Service, they are both classified as public land, but access to them needs not only man power but funding as well. With the latter being priority, grant dollars have to be accessed through channels, which takes time and dedication.


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