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By Nicole Becerra
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Couple receives special house gift


Nicole Becerra

HELPING HANDS: Don and Dottie Kastl received a gift of new paint on their home.

Sherwin-Williams paint store does a community service project every year, and this year's beneficiaries are Don and Dottie Kastl. Goldendale resident Chuck Raleigh is the manager of The Dalles Sherwin-Williams and got to know the couple through his son, Hunter.

Don Kastl mentors young men at Goldendale High School, and Hunter Raleigh was among them. "Hunter had a bike that needed to be fixed, so he brought it over and came every Thursday after school to work on it with Don," Dottie Kastl explains. Over time, the two men formed a wonderful friendship, and the Kastls got to know Hunter's parents, Chuck and Jaime Raleigh.

Built in 1920, the Kastls' house is nearly 100 years old and had not been painted in about 10 years. Being the manager of Sherwin-Williams, Raleigh thought painting the Kastl house would be a great community service project, and the Kastls couldn't be happier.

"This has been a godsend, because there was no way we would have been able to hire someone to paint this house for us," Dottie relates. The couple had planned to do it themselves at some point in the future and figured it would take about two years.

Sherwin-Williams donated the paint for the project, while Raleigh, his son, and a few other students from Goldendale High School donated their time to paint the house last week. The project provided a community service opportunity not only for Sherwin-Williams, but also for the high school students, as they are required to do five hours of community service per year.

"We just want to help out in the community, and I think it's a great thing to have the high school students do five hours of community service per year," Raleigh comments. Between the house and the garage, they had an area of 2,000 square feet to paint. This gave the students well over five hours of community service, and those extra hours can be applied to next year.

Dottie Kastl also shared that she and her husband rented the house for a few years. When the owner asked one day why they didn't just buy it, the couple explained that they could not afford the down payment. Undeterred, the owner offered to use their rental deposit as a down payment. After explaining that they could not pay the closing costs, he agreed to cover them. "So here we are, owners of this house, and now the Lord is painting it!" Mrs. Kastl shares. "When God wants something done, He gets it done!"


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