Cheri Lynn Stitt


Mrs. Cheri Lynn Stitt would like everyone to know that her work here is done. She received her call, a sort of offer one can't refuse, for an appointment from which she will not be returning. This assignment comes with a huge sign-on bonus and a reunion with family and loved ones she hasn't seen in a long time. Job security is exactly 110 percent. Her new mission takes her to a wonderful place where she will be socializing, dancing, and singing to her heart's content. Music, laughter, and love are guaranteed! Food is delicious, and you never gain an ounce. She left detailed instructions for her family to celebrate her mission here, which has now been completed. Low adherence to instruction will not be tolerated.

Miss Cheri was survived by her two daughters Lacey and Rian Stitt of Goldendale, along with their husbands Bo and Nick; and Cheri's five grandchildren, Alexis, Dalilah, Alayna, Callen, and Axel. She also leaves behind her mother, Ora May Golden of Millinocket, Maine; her Aunt Jane Freer of Olympia; along with her sister and brother, Kathleen Moon of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and David Miller II of Seattle. Not listed are the dozens of people touched by Miss Cheri over the years. You were and are so very loved.

A celebration of life will be held at Ekone Park in Goldendale on Friday, July 6.


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