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By Lou Marzeles

Phony IRS strikes again


The wrath of the IRS is about to befall many residents of Klickitat County unless they pay up immediately.

That's what a fire-and-brimstone phone message being left on county phone voice mail suggests. In it, the voice of a woman who sounds like she was Darth Vader's secretary warns you that the IRS has a serious bone to pick with you-you are so busted. Delinquent taxes have forced the agency to file a suit against and even get a warrant for your arrest. If you know what's good for you, you'll call a certain number to get payment arrangements in place and prevent a SWAT team from laying siege to your home.

That number, left on a Goldendale phone's voice message Thursday, is (315) 384-9624. Law enforcement, feel free to take that number down.

If you haven't surmised already, this phone message is a major scam. But people still fall for it.

The scam has been around for a long time. The perpetrators feel, hey, it's worked before, it could work again. The content is always the same-you've been very bad and the IRS is gunning for, already has a warrant and court case against you. The tone is severe, as is the threat of dire consequences if you don't call a particular phone number and make a payment immediately.

The scam is bogus on many levels. The primary reason is that the IRS never calls people to initiate any kind of proceeding. That always comes in the form of some written communication. And the IRS doesn't take payments over the phone and can't get a warrant for your arrest unless you've been through a substantial criminal process with them (and you would certainly be aware of that long ago).

So next time you get a call like this from the "IRS," feel free to ignore the message. It's also helpful to take down the phone number they leave and pass it on to law enforcement. At the very least, that lets more people know that the scam is back.


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