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By Rodger Nichols
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New laws address dangerous dogs, gas franchise fees


July 11, 2018

Goldendale City Council covered a lot of ground in a brisk hour-long meeting last Monday night, July 2. A trio of ordinances passed unanimously on their second reading. An ordinance modifying the city’s dangerous dog ordinance passed easily once it was explained that dogs would be judged individually, not by breed. (This reporter incorrectly interpreted a section of the proposed revision in a previous story to mean that breed would be taken into consideration.)

Another ordinance replaced the expired natural gas franchise fee agreement, granting Avista a nonexclusive franchise to operate a natural gas distribution system in the city, and another added a penalty for outdoor burning. The new penalty, a civil violation, will cost the offender $87.50.

Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski said they have been passing out posters taken from the state’s Facebook page on which fireworks are legal in Washington and which are not. Firecrackers, Roman candles, and skyrockets are most definitely not legal, he said.

Public Works Director Karl Enyeart said crews would be repainting sidewalks on South Columbus this next week, and in presenting a resolution to accept the South Columbus paving project, he introduced a concept that is nearly unknown in government contracts—a change order that actually lowered the bill; in this case, by $11,500. The motion passed unanimously.

Under the public comment section, Chet Biggerstaff said that people should be warned that hard times are coming, that true patriots would take the country back from the exploiters, that 41,000 sealed indictments have been prepared and that we’ll find out about them this month. He offered to help local officials and passed out DVDs of commentary that reinforced his assertions.


Reader Comments

TheHayLady writes:

Thank you, Goldendale community for having the wisdom to judge [dangerous] dogs on their individual actions/deeds and not on their specific breed! My husband and I have purchased property and will be retiring in your community in the near future, and it warms my heart to see intelligent, informed folks making WISE decisions! God Bless!


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