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By Jaryd Cline
Sports editor 

With no Goldendale derby, Todd Nunn demolishes in Yakima



The Dalles and former Goldendale resident Todd Nunn poses with his 1984 Honda Accord after he and the car were the last standing at the Yakima Demolition Derby on July 4.

Former Goldendale and current The Dalles resident Todd Nunn, 34, has been extensively involved in demolition derbies every year since he was 16.

He's been a big participant at the Goldendale Demo Derby over the years too, either driving or helping on another driver's crew, but found out in April that he would have some free time this Independence Day after learning there would be no Goldendale Demo Derby this year.

Nunn already was set to compete in the Tygh Valley Demo Derby, which he won last year, in August, but was looking for another event to compete in around the holiday.

Just around a month before the Fourth, he found out about the Yakima Demolition Derby, held at the Yakima Speedway, a course he's been all too familiar with for the past couple of years, and decided to enter with his 1984 Honda Accord.

Since 2012, Nunn has been a regular at the Bump to Pass races at the speedway in Yakima, racking up around 150 trophies in that span.

He picked up the old Accord, and spent a couple of weeks fixing it up when he had the time. It took close to two weeks for him to get the car ready to go.

"An hour here and an hour there after work while trying to be a full-time dad and husband," Nunn said.

He returned to the Yakima Demo Derby for the sixth year, competing against seven other cars in a one-heat, last-man-standing event.

"It was wall-to-wall packed," Nunn said. "There was a lot of hard hits. I was doing a lot of the hitting."

Nunn had built a strong reputation as a tough competitor in demo derbies, and a handful of the competitors in Yakima had their sights set on knocking him out, but it didn't happen.

He outlasted the seven other drivers in his Honda in a round that seemed like it would never end.

"It seems like forever when you're in the car," Nunn said, "but (the round lasted) about 20 minutes."

He was able to drive his car off the course and sold it shortly after.

That's what he enjoys most about demolition derbies, fixing cars up and driving them off the lot after crushing the competition. He also loves the adrenalin rush and being able to "hit people and not get in trouble."

Next up for Nunn is the Tygh Valley Demo Derby at the Wasco County Fair from Aug. 23-26. He won the event last year and should be in the driver's seat for another title.

Nunn was grateful for his sponsors, Goldendale Exhaust, Goldendale Carquest, On Broadway Salon, Allyn's Building Center, JD Audio in The Dalles, and Moss Metals in The Dalles for helping with the entry fees and also his family.

"Thanks to my wife (Annette) and kids (Emily, Alex, and Emma) for putting up with me building the car," Nunn said.


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