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By Jaryd Cline
Sports editor 

Wolf Pack Tuesday wraps up after seven grueling weeks


August 8, 2018

Jaryd Cline

Goldendale High School athletes take a group picture upstairs in the weight room in the high school gym. Tuesday, June 31 was the last Wolf Pack Tuesday of the summer.

Shortly before the school year ended, Goldendale High School athletic coaches met to discuss a way to keep the athletes engaged and active throughout the summer.

After multiple meetings and a lot of discussion between them, the coaches agreed on creating a new weekly routine for the kids that would keep them active and engaged throughout the rest of June and all of July and give them a jump-start for fall sports.

It was determined that Tuesday nights would be the easiest time to get all the kids together at once and thus Wolf Pack Tuesday was created.

Starting June 17 and running July 31, the last Tuesday of the month, coaches from multiple GHS teams were more than pleased with the weekly turnouts, which included upwards of 40 kids each week.

The work that the kids (incoming freshmen to incoming seniors) put in was not for the faint of heart either. The main focus for the coaches was trying to get the kids more athletic, which will help them regardless of the sports they play.

The kids were divided into groups of four during the first week on June 17 and stayed in the same groups each week.

Starting at 7 p.m. sharp in the GHS gym, the kids broke into their groups and started with a quick warm up to get the muscles flowing, rotating between bleacher jumps, stair laps with weights, rope pulls, and dot quickness drills.

After that, they headed upstairs to the weight room, which also felt like a sauna. Upstairs they went through four, 9-10 minute sessions where they switched between different core lifts. The groups would rotate between abs/core workouts, bench press, power cleans, and squat/deadlifts.

After close to 40 minutes pumping iron, the athletes broke into different groups based on sport. They split into teams and worked with one of the many GHS coaches who were there each week and worked for about 20 minutes before finishing with a tough conditioning segment.

The last half hour of every Tuesday was conditioning, which was designed to push the kids farther than they thought they could.

On the last Wolf Pack Tuesday on July 31, all the kids were hauled to the church on North Columbus where they would finish the summer workout series strong. With 45 pound weight plates, the athletes made the trek to the top of Observatory Hill.

Other conditioning drills the kids endured over the weeks was wind sprints inside the gym, an extended ab and core session, a jog with weighted plates around the three schools, water aerobics at pool in town, and relay races with weights while running the width of the football field.

With year one of Wolf Pack Tuesdays in the book, it certainly was a success in terms of the goals the coaches set beforehand. The kids came in ready to work hard and every single one of them who showed up consistently saw results.

It certainly seems like Wolf Pack Tuesday will become an annual summer tradition for Hungry Wolves during the offseason, which will only help all the GHS sports programs improve.


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