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By Jaryd Cline
Sports editor 

Donations continue to roll in for Market Stock Sale


September 5, 2018

Jaryd Cline

Cameron Mains shows his reserve champion hog at the Market Stock Sale on Aug. 25 during the Klickitat County Fair.

Market Stock Sale Coordinator Helen Rolfe still had her hands full most of the next week after the fair ended Sunday afternoon with all the things that remained to be taken care of.

She was so busy over the last week that she, and a group of other Klickitat County Fair and Rodeo commissioners, were planning a camping trip over Memorial Day weekend to somewhere they wouldn't have cellphone service.

She was in Toppenish late last week and checked out over 1,600 cows, and was still in the process of calculating the total amount of money spent on the 120 total animals that were shown on Aug. 25 in the Stock Sale Arena.

Donations still were coming in days after the sale, but that isn't an uncommon thing for Rolfe, who's been involved in the Market Stock Sale for years since she remembered showing and selling animals when she was a kid.

As of late last week, more than $202,000 had been contributed from local businesses and residents to the 120 kids from around the county who showed. However, Rolfe said money was still coming in and that she wouldn't be surprised to see the total figure continue to rise.

A donation from Ross Enterprises raised the floor on each of the steer to $2.30 a pound, hogs to $3.20 a pound, and lambs to $8.25 a pound.

"It's just huge," Rolfe said. "They decided that the farm kids worked really hard. It was just extraordinary what they did."

Along with the donation from Ross Enterprises, Republic Services also donated $2,000 to be distributed to each of the kids who showed an animal.

There also were other donations that came in for specific kids and specific animals from many of those who both attended, and weren't able to attend.

Rolfe and the others in charge of the sale remain busy for a couple of weeks even after it finished.

"It takes me a good month to get all the money in and dispersed," Rolfe said.

With the fair now in the rearview mirror, Rolfe wanted to thank everyone involved in the stock sale, the community for showing up and showering the kids with support, and most of all, the kids who've put in the work the last year taking care of the animals and preparing for the sale.

"It was a tremendous sale," Rolfe said. "My goodness, it was just absolutely wonderful this year."


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