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October 10, 2018

God bless the Samaritans

We are so grateful to the two Good Samaritans (we assume they were mother and daughter) who stopped and picked up my wife after she had fallen while walking near the elementary school almost seven weeks ago.

You asked where she would like to go, and she said home. I was at a meeting, but our son was there. He immediately took her to emergency. She was in emergency from about 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. After many X-rays of this and that, it turns out she had two broken bones in her lower right arm near the elbow, severely bruised her ribs, sprained both wrists, smashed her upper lip, and chipped a tooth. The doctor was trying to stitch the upper lip because it was bleeding pretty badly. Blood suddenly started to squirt from the lip with each heartbeat. They would get the bleeding to stop, but about an hour later, it would start bleeding gobs again, and again they would come in and add more stitches. This happened three times.

They estimate she lost about a pint of blood from the lip bleeding. She stayed the night at the hospital for observation. We ended up at OHSU about two weeks later for an operation on the broken bones in the arm.

It’s been a very painful recovery. It has been slow, but each week has seen some progress. She is now in Occupational Therapy at MCMC to try to work out some of the kinks.

A big thanks and hug to the mom and daughter who saw someone in need and took the time to help. Yvonne, myself, and our son are very thankful. I hope you get to read this (or that someone who does and knows you will show you).

Also, a big thanks to the emergency team at KVH.

I pray that many of us here in Goldendale, when seeing a need, would also take the time to stop and help as these two ladies did. Thank you. Thank you.

David and Yvonne Carl


She sounds like Obama

Thank you for the educational article, “Long supports $32 trillion ‘Medicare for All,’” published in the Sept. 19 Goldendale Sentinel. In congressional candidate Carolyn Long’s “approved/authorized” campaign propaganda, she claims that Republicans want to cut Social Security along with Medicare. I have been collecting Social Security for 18 years, after working and paying into the system for over 50 years. The only time that I lost was when Obama was in office. Not once but three times a freeze was put on our cost of living raise. There was no freeze on the ever-increasing costs of Medicare.

We cannot afford healthcare for everyone when only 47 percent of the population is paying taxes. Currently basic Medicare enrollees pay a monthly premium, a deductible, and 20 percent of allowable charges and prescription costs unless they have accessed Medicare Part D. There are no vision or dental benefits. Most Medicaid recipients have no monthly premium, no deductible, no co-pay, and the plan pays 100 percent of authorized charges including vision, dental, and prescription costs. So I ask: under this “Medicare for All,” will those individuals qualifying for Medicaid based on their low income status be expected to adhere to Medicare policy and share the burden of cost? Or will Medicare enrollees now have no out-of-pocket costs? And will politicians also be exempt from this new healthcare hoax?

Congress has been raiding the Social Security Fund since back in the 1950s to pay for their pet projects. If Congress would pay back what they have taken over the years, the Social Security Fund would be doing fine, and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Carolyn Long sounds like Obama all over again. If Carolyn Long “is a ‘breath of fresh air,” I want a gas mask.

George Forester


School not going anywhere

Thank you for your recent article on Centerville School District’s upcoming community meeting on Oct. 23. We appreciate the paper getting the word out and invite everyone who considers themselves part of our community to come, whether you live in our district or not. As well, I wanted to set the record straight on a few items.

First, Centerville School has no plans to close in four years. Our board continues to prioritize fiscal responsibility and realistic budget forecasting with an aim of providing strategic and sustainable guidance in matters that relate to the district and the education of our students. As always, our staff is steadfast in adhering to the spending parameters set forth by the board.

Another important clarification is the amount of levy funding the district will collect compared to the past school year. Last year we collected $385,000 and during the 2018-19 school the district will collect $301,000. It is projected we will only be able to collect $225,000. during the 2019-20 year. This is a significant decrease in funding for our district.

As well, while we understand that your article was primarily focused on the impacts of the McCleary Bill on school funding, that aspect of our community meeting is only a fraction of what we intend to cover. I have included a snapshot of the agenda below. It has been several years since we hosted a community meeting. Our intention is to update our community on all the great things happening at Centerville School today while also looking ahead to the opportunities and challenges that we face. Included in this look-ahead is discussion around district budget, capital needs of an aging school, and the upcoming school survey and study project.


6:00 Welcome

6:05- 6:30 Centerville Today

Overview of programs and education

Update on recent projects and initiatives

6:30- 6:50 Looking ahead

Impacts of McCleary Bill on Centerville School District’s budget

Grant Funding Opportunities

Needed Capital Projects

School Survey and Study project

6:50- 7:00 Questions

Finally, while we always welcome support and comment from our community, at the upcoming meeting we are specifically looking for people who are interested in joining the school survey and study project. There will be a short Q&A at the end of the meeting, and the community will be able to provide further feedback in written format.

In closing, we encourage everyone to come out to Centerville School on the 23rd.

Jess Kayser

President, Centerville School Board


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