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Judge grants injunction against Fallen Hero Bracelets


November 21, 2018

Friday, Pierce County Superior Court Judge Kathryn Nelson granted the Washington State Attorney General’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Spanaway-based Fallen Hero Bracelets, the Benjamin Foundation, and other organizations run by Michael Friedmann. The organizations were accused of running scams on veterans and their families.

The injunction forces the organizations to cease operations until they register with the Secretary of State and provide financial reports for each year of their existence.

It also bars them from engaging in abusive conduct toward any past or present customers. The companies also must notify all customers who have been sued, threatened with collections or sent to collections that these efforts against them will cease, and provide those communications to the Attorney General’s Office.

“Not only did Fallen Hero Bracelets deceive consumers into thinking their purchases benefited veterans, it made verbal and legal attacks on customers who complained," said Attorney General Bob Ferguson. "Despite a lawsuit from my office and numerous complaints from duped consumers, the organization continued to pretend that its sales went toward improving veterans’ lives. Thankfully, today’s ruling will help put a stop to this organization's atrocious actions.”

Ferguson filed a lawsuit against Fallen Hero Bracelets and Friedmann in July.

A hearing on a preliminary injunction against Friedmann personally is set for Nov. 30.

Assistant Attorney General David Horn is leading this case.

Consumers who have issues with any charity or business should file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office at


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