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November 21, 2018

Kudos to the pud

I was so happy to read your recent article about the PUD’s Renewable Natural Gas project. This project, reclaiming the natural gas emissions from the landfill, produces revenue for the PUD and prevents the release of problematic gases like methane into the atmosphere. Kudos and congratulations to the PUD commissioners and managers who made this smart move for the long-term benefit of our county rate payers.

Naomi Fisher


Let's keep the momentum going

With most of the votes counted I wanted to finally say thanks to all my supporters and the many people who voted for me for State Representative, District 14, Position 1. Numbers will change a bit, but we’ve been able to move this district 9.75 points (if we're comparing to the last time this district had an open seat in a mid-term election (2014 Gina Mosbrucker and Paul George—33.13 percent).

I’m so proud of this campaign that was launched on my 30th birthday surrounded by friends and family. We created something amazing in less than a year and accomplished so many great things.

I drove over 24,748 miles, we knocked on much more than the 3,500 doors, I personally knocked on. It was 286 days of bridging the divide, connecting to people, listening to the issues they care about, and preparing to hit the ground running on day one.

This campaign was supported by 279 individual donors and more than 51 volunteers who knocked on doors, hosted house parties, made calls, and wrote postcards. I’m grateful for my closest advisors, all of whom were new to community organizing and politics, all of them women. I’m thankful for my husband, Chris, who took care of me while this campaign took over our lives. I also had two interns on board, Gaby and Jennifer, who were such a bright spot during the week. I was lucky enough to have other support: Giovanni Severino who was first onboard, Jessica Hernandez, and Matt Sagen. Thanks to the other candidates and their staff.

Running against someone who did not actively campaign and would not debate me shows us how many voters there are in this district who simply vote down party line and against their best interests. It shows us how many people choose not to vote.

I will continue this work so together we can create change for us now and in our future. I know this district, I love every part of it. We deserve a strong voice. Because with that comes investments, education, resources, opportunities, and thriving communities.

But to have that we need that voice in government, we need to vote, we need to vote for the better candidate, and we need to hold them accountable for their entire term.

I’m passionate about civic engagement and will continue this work. It’s why I’m already excited for my first trip to Olympia to chat with our representatives about their priorities. It’s why I know we can turn out more voters in upcoming elections. It’s why I’m the new Co-President of the South-Central Washington Federation of Democratic Women to be a part of making sure that happens.

This election was people versus power, and this time power won. But the people are waking up. We see other possibilities. Let’s keep this momentum going. We will get there. Together.

Sasha Bentley, White Salmon

Lyle teachers need good raises

As a public school teacher with 15 years’ experience, I am so thankful and proud to be teaching first grade in White Salmon. I am filled with gratitude for my district superintendent, school board members, administrators, and the community members who supported White Salmon school teachers with a meaningful pay raise and generous benefit package this year.

This is why it pains me to consider the Lyle School District teachers, and the fact they are still working three months into the new school year without a contract. White Salmon gave its teachers an overall 15 percent increase in salary this year. After all, that’s what the Washington State Legislature intended and what our property taxes funded. I live within the Lyle School District boundaries. I’ve supported every levy, and I pay higher property taxes now because of the legislature’s grand bargain to settle the McCleary case.

Show the Lyle teachers you value them! Come on, Lyle School Board and administrators, settle that contract. Though it never should have gone this far into the season of giving, it’s time—and be generous!

Beth Sauter



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