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By Jaryd Cline
Sports editor 

Two Goldendale teams to compete in Gorge Futsal League


November 21, 2018

Jaryd Cline

From left, Tiana Watson, Justin DeMott, and Josie Quantrell run through a scrimmage during a Sunday practice at the Goldendale Middle School. This winter, two Goldendale teams will participate in the Gorge Futsal Soccer League starting Dec. 2. See page 13 for more info.

Goldendale soccer coach and enthusiast Mike DeMott talked earlier this year about the possibility of guiding a futsal team this winter in the Gorge Soccer League after coaching a couple teams last spring in the same league.

Futsal is a variation of soccer that is played on a basketball court type surface which uses a slightly smaller and heavier ball. The main difference between the soccer balls is that the inside of a futsal ball is filled with foam.

"It's heavier and it doesn't have a sporadic bounce," DeMott said. "It still goes really fast."

But DeMott, not a stranger to futsal, thought coaching a team for the Gorge 5 v 5 Futsal League would be beneficial for soccer players who would otherwise spend the winter idle, as well as an exciting experience to those who had never played before.

He and a few others have played futsal before, but he said the kids that haven't played before have been making some good adjustments and getting more familiar with the game since the first practice last week.

"They were surprised. They were really surprised," DeMott said. "It's like the ball just kept rolling away from them and they and they can't keep up with it."

There's a bit of a learning curve with the different ball, different surface, and different strategies and philosophies.

In Futsal, the field boundaries are the same as a common basketball court, 94 feet by 50 feet. The ball rolls out of bounds quite a bit, and when it does, there's no throw-ins, just kick-ins, and you only have four seconds to get it kicked in.

"The quicker you can get that done, the better chance you have to catch someone off guard," DeMott said.

There also is no offside and the kids should be prepared to play more than one position.

"The one thing that's different is positions change constantly," DeMott said. "So if the defender has a run up with the ball, someone's going to have to drop back and cover."

"Positions constantly change, kids shoot from all over," he added. "The goalies can shoot. It's a high-scoring, constant-movement, fast-paced game."

At first, DeMott knew for sure he would have enough, maybe more than enough for one team, but after word started to pass that he would be coaching a team, more and more kids started showing interest in playing.

Jaryd Cline

Natasha Muzechenko takes a shot past Ronin DeMott during Sunday's practices.

He also initially thought he would be able to put together one, nine-person team, but with that many kids it would have been tough to find enough minutes for all the kids.

Two teams will be put together, but DeMott and the kids are still working on creating the teams.

With a smaller field/court and shorter games, players don't really get tired until the very end of the 40 minute game.

Games will be played on Sundays at Chenoweth Middle School Gymnasium in The Dalles, which is located at 3718 West 13th St.

A schedule will be posted soon at Goldendale will play teams from White Salmon, Trout Lake, Hood River, and others from around the area.


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