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Heres Goldendale 

GSD wants superintendent input


December 19, 2018

The Goldendale School District is in the process of choosing a new superintendent. The Goldendale School Board would like public input on what residents of the district would like to see in a Superintendent. Your opportunity for your input is coming up on Jan. 17 at 6:30 p.m. in the Middle School Cafeteria. In addition to community input, others will be giving their input at different times that day, including high school and middle school students, administrators, staff, and the school board. The search for superintendent is open through March 13, 2019 and the new superintendent will be named by April 15 and will report to his or her job by July 1. For questions, call 773-5177. For more details, get the Goldendale School District Working Plan.

One other bit of information from the Goldendale School District, is that, if bad weather calls for delays, and if it happens to be on any Wednesday, school will automatically be cancelled for the whole day, since Wednesdays are early-out days.

Did you get a chance to drop by the first Winter Wonderland behind Pete’s Pizza last Friday or Saturday night? There were seven booths, including a fast-food wagon, carriage rides, Christmas caroling, Santa, many little fire pits, a stage, and lots of holiday lights. Felicia Gray and Allyn’s, plus others, help set up the event.

I got an interesting contribution from Tom Svenson that I thought you all may like:

The Great 2018 Goldendale Burger Hunt

This summer my buddy Roger and I were looking for something to keep us occupied, as a couple of old retired guys in Goldendale. We decided that we would go out to lunch each week and try to find the best burger in Goldendale. We were determined to try every burger serving establishment in town. We figured that would keep us busy for a month, maybe two. Who knew that we would find sixteen places in Goldendale that serve burgers. Each week we would go to a different establishment and order a cheeseburger basket. Most came with fries, but some only chips and others tots or jo jos. We rated each burger based on the size and taste. We also included the bun, toasted or not, size and taste, as well as the condiments. Dry burgers were rated down, there’s nothing better than a good, juicy, messy cheeseburger. We were dedicated. We tried the chain restaurants, the diners and dives of Goldendale, and even tried the ethnic food restaurants, any place that served burgers. Sixteen weeks later, after exhaustive research, we concurred on the winner. As we figured, a tavern burger won the best burger competition. We had a great time and plan to find something next year to further our research into Goldendale’s best.


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