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Good deed duty


December 19, 2018

Contributed: Dan Bolton

A deer had been spotted often in town with a rope tightly knotted on its leg. Last week Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) finally freed the animal from its distress, catching it at the western edge of Goldendale city limits. Above, WDFW biologist Todd Jacobsen shows the yellow tag in the deer's ear indicating it has been sedated (it was shot with a tranquilizing dart). An orange covering was placed over its face to minimize its vision and help keep it calm. The green rope is visible still tied above its knee; if it had remained, it could have cut off circulation in the leg. Below, WDFW Officer Dan Bolton keeps the deer secure after the rope was removed, while WDFW Biologist Stefanie Bergh completes the information on the sedating and tagging of the animal. After all was finished, the deer awoke and scampered happily off.


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