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January 9, 2019

Knock it off

The year that I built my Wahkiacus retirement home at the edge of a remote and lovely forest, I was surprised to find the guts of a deer decorated with McDonalds cups, 22 tires dumped in the creek, and cows wandering freely, munching, tromping, and pooping in the stream. The next year I put up No Hunting/No Trespassing signs, built fencing, and installed cattle guards to keep the cows and the uninvited away from the stream and my landscaping. Not everyone appreciated my improvements. One neighbor gifted me with his own personal pile, topped with a handful of cute, fluffy toilet paper.

Since then I’ve started collecting the litter I find and making a year-end inventory. I continue to find piles of very old trash and campground litter in the woods. This year’s haul included 22 old cans and bottles, mostly beer. Olympia Beer was popular. I don’t mind cleaning up old trash, comforted by the knowledge that the lice-infested cretins who left it have probably long since passed on to their well-deserved reward.

Unfortunately, they seem to have left a few offspring behind, as the count of fresh beer cans and energy drinks increased noticeably at the end of this past year. Nine drink cans showed up in recent months, along with two shotgun shells and a cigarette butt.

If you know this person, ask him to be a good human instead of a jackass.

It’s January, so I start the year with an empty trash bag, hoping it will still be empty by December.

Sandra DeMent


Ignore him

Democrats are sometimes faulted for not having a positive policy message—just anti-Trumpism. But how can one discern whether that’s true when reliable mainstream news is so dominated by President Trump’s bizarre, dishonest, vindictive and narcissistic behavior?

Important news hardly gets a word in edgewise because of non-stop coverage of Trump, and this only encourages additional drivel from him. Curiously, this is how James Comey, in his excellent book, A Higher Loyalty, describes his meetings with Trump. Comey seldom got to speak, even when summoned by Trump for Comey’s opinion.

So how should reliable media treat Trump? More often ignore him, just as good parents should do with a misbehaving child demanding immediate attention.

To be realistic, often Trump’s reprehensible behavior does have significant negative impact, including worldwide. That makes it difficult for responsible journalism to ignore in favor of fundamentally more important news.

Admittedly, this letter violates its main point of ignoring Trump. However, it illustrates the dilemma of Trump-watchers as well as parents: the temptation to generally react to, rather than ignore, outrageous behavior.

But more often ignoring Trump’s frequent misbehavior may be the only way the media can ever give Democrats equal time.

Norm Luther


Do they know what they're doing?

Does the Klickitat County Assessor’s Office know what it’s doing?

I took a vacation in 2013. I had an Important Taxpayer Card in my mail box. A restricted lot I own—indeed, seven of them—went from a value of $4,000 to $32,000 each. It was too late to complain.

The Board of Equalization arranged to bring the lots back down to between $4,000 and $7,000. I recently sold some of the lots for an average price of $14,000. However, the Assessor has since charged me $10,000 for “change of use” and raised the assessed value of the remaining lots to $14,000. The remaining lots are not as valuable or sellable at this price. Therefore, if I should sell any more lots, it will be for less than the appraised value.

I’m questioning this office and would like it investigated.

Mildred Greenough

Priest River, Idaho


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