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January 16, 2019

Why the hate?

The recent letter written by a fellow from Spokane was so vitriolic that it could be a nice example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It makes me sad to think so many people get their news served up by the increasingly hostile and hypocritical Democrat Party along with their partners in crime, the mainstream media.

What exactly are they hating about President Trump? The fact that the economy under his direction is booming? The fact that there are more job openings than there are unemployed? The fact that he is in a battle to secure our nation's borders? The fact that wages have increased around 3 percent? That you can actually start a business now that the stifling regulations have been lifted? How can anyone be against a president who puts our country first? And as for James Comey, instead of peddling self-aggrandizing fiction, he actually should be in jail right now awaiting a trial for treason. We finally got a president who is doing what he said he would do. I can hardly wait for 2020 to vote for him again.

Anita Hooson


A wall won't work

According to a Conservative think tank, the Cato Institute, the Trump wall won’t work for the following reasons: historically, they are ineffective—people build tunnels (already happening), use ramps (already happened), and develop other ways to get past the wall (bribery). Almost 60 percent of illegal immigrants are “overstayers,” meaning they entered legally with visas but never left. According to the DEA, almost all illegal drugs come through legal entry points, cleverly hidden in trucks and cars. A wall forces the U.S. government to take private land by eminent domain, which is not only ethically wrong, but will result in countless lawsuits, costing taxpayers millions. Border agents, not their political leaders, believe that technology is the key to curbing illegal entry: more cameras, sensors, and drone surveillance are more effective than a wall. Border agents also acknowledge that a wall is not sufficient on its own, and like East Germany, a militarized zone with 24-hour surveillance and guards would be necessary to “enforce” the wall. A barrier will have dire consequences for wildlife who migrate within their wide-ranging territories, unaware of country borders. Lastly, MIT engineers have estimated that actual costs of the wall would be over $32 billion.

The wall is not a solution, does not address the real issues behind illegal immigration, and is rooted in lies and fears exploited by Trump, who has manufactured a crisis to fulfill his ego and distract from his increasing legal problems.

Sue Kusch


It's just an excuse

When Sheriff Songer put up his drug related signs, I was appalled that the residents of Klickitat County were OK with those signs. They are rude, in your face, and at every entrance to this county. But what is more important is that they don’t work; they are an aggressive and futile attempt to take care of a serious, complicated problem. This sheriff took it upon himself to show this face to the world, and now he wants to bring in people like the Patriot Prayer group. He is attending meetings and giving interviews in his sheriff’s attire as if he is representing the entire county?

He doesn’t represent me in this latest affront at civility and I, in no way, support his effort. Don’t we have enough problems here, like no jobs? We don’t need this hate-filled faction of violent men to come to our hometown.

There is such a morbid fear of change in the people that attend these kinds of events; they don’t want to improve the quality of life in our county, instead they are coming here to incite hate and bigotry and racism. Is that the attitude we want our local sheriff to foster? They prefer to believe that they are in danger of losing their right to own a gun. In my opinion, that is an excuse that allows them to bully and coerce others.

Linda Powell



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