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February 13, 2019

January 29, 1926 - 93 Years Ago

Names significant of early history of the mid-Columbia river district will be adopted for two stations on the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway in Klickitat County, and a memorial will also be erected near the present station of Fallbridge in memory of discoverers and pioneers of the Columbia River territory. The name changes were announced by W. E. Turner, president of the S. P, and S., and who announced the erection of a basalt slab memorial. Under the name changes, Fallbridge will become Wisham, and the station just west of Fallbridge, now called

Speedis, will be changed to Spearfish. (Wisham was the Indian dialect – Railroad executives added the R making it Wishram.)

January 31, 1929 – 90 Years ago

The electric light pole on the Sanders corner mixed with an automobile last Saturday, with the result the 6600-volt line tangled with the street lighting circuit, burning out 63 lamps, of 250 and 100-watt power. The company had a few lamps on hand which were used for replacements, the balance arriving the first part of the week.

February 14, 1935 - 84 Years Ago

Following in line with 37 other sheriff’s offices in the state of Washington, the County Commissioners officially granted their permission to Sheriff C.R. House recently to have purchased and installed a short-wave radio receiving set. For several months, the importance of the radio receiving sets for obtaining the police calls from all over the northwest has been in the fore in law enforcing agencies. It was found recently at a session of Sheriffs in Seattle that only two counties, Klickitat and Skamania are without the modern service of short wave radio receivers. (These early sets could only receive not transmit)

January 12, 1956 63 Years Ago

Larry Wilber last week purchased the Richfield Service Station at the corner of Main and Columbus from Jim Bradstreet, who had operated the business for the past eight years. Bargain Boutique is now located on the former Richfield Service Station site.

January 1, 1959 - 60 Years Ago

New owners of Flowers by Catherine, as of January 1, will be Maxine and Bob Anderson. Sale of the floral shop was announced this week by Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Wilson. Bob will retain his post as bookkeeper at Spiekerman Bros. Ford Inc. and active management of the flower shop will be handled by Maxine, who plans to change the name to Flowers by Maxine. Maxine has worked at The Sentinel the past four years as linotype operator and accountant.

January 23, 1969

Some 50 blocks or more of Goldendale streets which have never been paved may be oil-macadam hard surfaced this year, if hopes of Mayor Nesbitt and the city council are realizes. The mayor told the council meeting Monday night that on this visit to the state capital Tuesday he would attempt to gain state Highway Department final approval for such a project.

January 30, 1969 – 50 Years Ago

Logging at its best is a rugged and risky business. Add the hazards of winter with temperatures ranging a few degrees above and below zero, plus a snow depth of snow five feet, and you really amplify the ruggedness and increased cost of the business. I (Pete May) recently had the pleasure of joining Bert Wilkens, contract logger, on two trips into holdings of Boise-Cascade Corporation north of Goldendale to view the operation of the Wilkens Company “one side” logging operation. During the summer months, the Wilkens Company operates three “sides” on which some 35 trucks, in addition to extra crews are employed.


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