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22 of state's 39 counties won't enforce I-1639


February 13, 2019

The Sentinel, info from Statesman-Examiner

OUTNUMBERED: The counties in red are those whose law enforcement officials have said they will not enforce I-1639, most recently Columbia County, just east of Walla Walla County, whose sheriff made his announcement Monday. The three counties in green-Thurston, Clark, and Walla Walla-are the only ones that have said definitively they will enforce the initiative. The counties in white are undetermined.

The number of Washington law enforcement and government leaders balking at upholding gun control measures approved by voters in November is growing.

Monday Columbia County Sheriff Joe Helm added his name to the list of law enforcement officials who say they won't enforce the new Initiative 1639 (I-1639). "As written, I feel that Initiative 1639 is unconstitutionally vague and includes enforcement provisions that are not allowed to our office," he stated.

Stevens County Sheriff Brad Manke said his deputies will not actively seek out violators unless there is an imminent threat to public safety.

"I took an oath to defend the Constitution and uphold the laws of the state of Washington, so I...

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