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February 20, 2019

February 8, 1923 – 96 Years Ago

The county treasurer is now mailing out tax statements, remindful of the saying that taxes like death, are sure and certain—the only difference being that we die but once, but pay taxes every year. However, some feel like they have been struck dead when they receive their statements, and it takes some time for them to recover. The only thing to do is to smile and pay up, then commence scratching to get enough saved up for next year’s taxes, provided death does not levy his tribute before that time.

January 27, 1949 – 70 Years Ago

Federal and State health department officials have placed their official OK on a contract between Public Hospital District No. 1 and Riggle and Creighton, Yakima contractors for the construction of a new 19-bed hospital in Goldendale. Bids were opened by the Commissioners at a public meeting in the courthouse Friday, January 14, with the Riggle and Creighton firm submitting the lowest bid of $225,833. (First phase of current hospital)

February 5, 1953 – 66 Years Ago

The untimely warm weather lately has everyone confused, including Harold Wolverton, local petroleum dispenser. Harold thought he was hearing things Monday when Max Maurer called him and ordered four barrels of gasoline for his combine. Harold asked: What do you want to combine, mud balls or ducks?” Max replied he wanted to thresh alfalfa hay. Harold thereupon thought the season was truly advanced and that his customer was crazy with the heat. “What’s the matter, don’t you believe me?” queried Max. Harold, fumbling the receiver and wiping his brow, retorted: “no, it can’t be.” “If it is true, will you give me the four barrels of gas free?” dickered the persistent Maurer. Harold said: “That I will.” Homer Silver delivered the order to Max’s ranch and found the combine rigged up to thresh 125 tons of alfalfa to convert to seed

January 30, 1958 – 61 Years Ago

Charles G. Davis, Portland architect has been retained by the Klickitat Valley Hospital commissioners to plan a 12-bed addition to the hospital plant. The new wing, to extend southward from the nurses’ station, and an annex at the east end of the building, will bring capacity to 38 beds. Cost of the project has been estimated at $80,000, plus new equipment. The project will be financed through a bond issue.

February 6, 1959 – 60 Years Ago

With the addition of its fifth fire engine, a 500-gallon per minute pumper on a 1947 chassis, the Goldendale volunteer Fire Department becomes one of the best equipped in the state for cities of comparable size.

February 6, 1969 – 50 Years Ago

T.V. Wilkins Company, a veteran in the logging industry in this area, was officially closed out of business at the end of last year. On January 1, 1945, Roy Kaiser, Ray Wilkins, and Ted Wilkins formed a partnership as the T.V. Wilkins Company. In 1947 Ray dissolved partnership with the company; the other two remaining in business together until December 11, 1968. Several men employed by the company, released by the decision, were immediately employed by the Bert Wilkins Logging Company, now in full winter operations.


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