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February 20, 2019

This is in response to Mr. Yoesle’s editorial entitled, “Looked what was missed back in civics class.”

We folks who feel unrepresented on the issues that matter to us feel that way because we missed the words “pluralistic society” in civics class? I guess I did miss those words in both our state and federal constitutions.

This is the liberal tactic of framing the narrative with concepts that don’t, and have never, existed. Don’t fall for this.

All one has to do is look at a vote map to see that we are living in a state that should be two. The urban population of the west side has a different set of values than the east, more rural, side.

I agree with Mr. Yoesle that “some on the west side might feel justified in a divorce.” A divorce made in heaven, so to speak. The west side thinks we are a bunch of uncivilized gun packin’ hillbillies and we think they are [____] (fill in the blank).

It would be nice for us to have some representation in the congress in D.C., and they’d be rid of us hillbillies. Two senators whovote the way you would on most issues. Wow! When was the last time Maria Cantwell or Patty Murray voted as you would?

There are left- and right-thinking people on both sides of the mountains. There will be liberals who live on the east side when Liberty State is formed. They may feel unrepresented by the conservative representatives who will be a majority in Liberty State. I would politely say, welcome to my world. I feel like that now. You are free to reside where you choose.

Good for Bob Songer. It’s time that someone stood up and said enough is enough. It takes guts to do what he and others have done to not enforce an unconstitutional law. You know the liberal left at this moment are digging for ways to assault the character and careers of these folks. The left cannot win on facts, so they will go into personal attack mode. We’ve seen it before.

The framers of the Constitution understood that disarming of the populace was a fundamental step to override the will of the people, and hence those words: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This line is clear and beyond debate in any era. The Second Amendment is a fundamental individual right and has been reaffirmed by the Supreme Court.

School shootings are not reasons for more gun laws, they are examples that the gun laws we have don’t work. News flash: Bad guys don’t obey the law.

Real protection for our kids in school could be provided by some caring armed people inside the school. If it was your kids, would you rather they were still alive, or would you rather be oh so noble and not allow guns in school?

Before I get attacked as wanting our schools to become an armed camp, let’s stop that before it starts. I’m talking about concealed carry for willing school personnel. That’s it.

A gun is a tool. It has no brain or agenda. Firearms in the in the hands of private citizens protect citizens in violent situations every day.

On mental screening: when the government is in charge of deciding our sanity, we are done as a country with individual rights. If we allow mental screening by the government, sanity will be weaponized by whoever is in power. Whoever is in power will say that the other side is insane. We should never put the government in the position to determine sanity.

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I’ve already been asked by a doctor if I owned firearms. Many of you have, too. Why would a dermatologist need to know if I owned guns? What is the motive for asking if you have guns at a routine appointment?

Wake up. Support the Liberty State movement. It can happen, and your values can be represented.


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