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Emergency teams get to victim


February 27, 2019

Last Friday Klickitat County Emergency Management (KCDEM) 9-1-1/Dispatch effected a perilous rescue under extreme weather conditions.

At about 9 a.m. that day, KCDEM received a 9-1-1 call from a High Prairie resident reporting that her husband was having a medical emergency. KCDEM Communications Officers dispatched a Klickitat County Emergency Medical Services (KCEMS) District ambulance and Klickitat County Fire District (KCFD) 14 EMS and firefighter volunteers to the address on a private road off of Schilling Road in the High Prairie area. Upon arrival at the private gravel road, KCFD 14 responders found it unplowed and were unable to proceed due to deep snow conditions. A Klickitat County Public Works Department road grader was dispatched to the scene and plowed the gravel road. The residence was still an additional half mile on a primitive dirt road that was not able to be plowed.

The KCFD 14 Fire Chief requested that Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue (KCSAR) team be dispatched to respond with their tracked side-by-side all-terrain vehicle.

KCFD 14 and KCEMS District responders continued to the residence on foot through approximately three feet of snow and whiteout conditions for about a half mile to provide patient care.

The KCSAR team arrived and deployed the tracked side-by-side to the residence, transporting the patient, medical equipment, and a KCEMS paramedic to the ambulance waiting on Schilling Road.

As a result of the multiple agency coordination, use of specialized equipment, and the dedication of county emergency responders, the patient was rescued and transported to the hospital under very difficult weather conditions.


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