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Do your job

Sheriff Songer is correct. He is “directly accountable to the people.” That means all of the people of Klickitat County, whether individual citizens who voted for I-1639, against it, or didn’t vote.

Sheriff Songer is also correct that “it is not within the board’s purview to determine the constitutionality of any issue.” Neither is it within Sheriff Songer’s purview to determine the constitutionality of any law—especially so in Sheriff Songer’s case, as he’s neither a constitutional lawyer nor a constitutional scholar.

Moreover, it’s not only within his purview, but it’s his sworn oath, to uphold the law—that’s all laws, not just the one’s he personally prefers or agrees with.

Sheriff Songer’s responsibility is to uphold the law for all 21,811 residents of Klickitat County, regardless of how or whether they voted for I-1639. I’ve included some percentages below. Although a majority of Klickitat people (who voted) voted for I-1639, it can in no way be construed that Sheriff Songer’s stance represents the majority of the Klickitat County population for whom he’s obligated by oath to enforce the law.

Population of Klickitat County (2017 estimate): 21,811

Number of registered voters: 14,341 - 65.75 percent of population

Total Ballots Counted: 10,940—76.28 percent of registered voters, 50.16 percent of population

I-1639: Yes 4,332—30.5 percent of registered voters, 19.86 percent of population

I-1639: No 6,468—45.55 percent of registered voters, 29.65 percent of population

Didn’t vote: 14,341 - 10,940 = 3,401 - 23.95 percent of registered voters, 15.59 percent of population

Steve Heitmann

White Salmon

This is wrong

My name is Ann Fernandez, the widow of M.A. Fernandez, and now owner of Fernandez Ranch LLC. I have been asked to give my thoughts on early cancelling of leases. [This refers to plans by DNR to allow it to end a land lease before completion of its term at will.]

Ranching today takes very careful planning. To take a lease away with five years remaining and also half share of CPR payments is a very real hardship. Much time, effort, and money went into planning for good use of 640 acres of land.

Bidding and providing improvements such as fencing, corrals, chutes, watering facilities takes time and money. Arranging for the animals and the work force of men and dogs to care for the land and animals was extensive.

Six months of notice given and then sixty days to remove all improvements or lose them seem very little consideration for the rancher and his concerns. How is he to recoup the loses? More consideration needs to be planned for the rancher.

Ann Fernandez



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