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By Lou Marzeles

Get to the meetings with superintendent candidates


March 20, 2019

Candidates for superintendent of the Goldendale School District have been announced, and the community has the chance to meet with them in the coming few days. There may be few decisions ahead that carry as much importance for this community as who becomes the next superintendent, and for that reason, anyone concerned about the well-being of growing minds in our schools should be at these meetings. Four finalists have been announced for the position. Community meetings with them will be held this Friday, March 22, and Monday, March 25. The meetings will be at the Goldendale Middle School cafeteria, with a meeting with each of the four candidates starting at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. each night. The finalists are: Gerry (pronounced “Gary”) Washburn, former superintendent of Roseburg Public Schools; Michael Roberts, superintendent and principal of the Wishram School District; Ellen Perconti, superintendent of both the Grapeview School District and the Mary M. Knight School District; and John Westerman, principal of Goldendale High School. Meetings with Perconti and Westerman will be on Friday. Community sessions with Washburn and Roberts will follow on Monday. The school board anticipates that the new superintendent will be selected no later than April 15, with the school district’s next superintendent to officially start work on July 1. That means there’s less than a month before a new superintendent is chosen. That means if you want to have a voice in the selection process, you need to be at these meetings. That means it’s time to seriously consider how important it is to get to these meetings. For anyone—and there were many—who voiced concerns about the last superintendent, or even for those who wholeheartedly supported him, this is the time to get your own sense about these candidates, size them up, ask your most compelling questions (without ranting or rancor), and see where you stand on the person who will run the school district for some time to come. It’s like voting—if you don’t, you can’t complain about who gets elected. If you have a sense of the kind of person you want as the district superintendent, be at these meetings or be prepared to not complain later. Call the Goldendale School District office at 773-5177 if you want more information.


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