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By Guest Editorial Tim Gray
Goldendale Seventh-day Adventists Church 

He comes alongside us and experiences life with us


March 27, 2019

It probably has happened to you. You have done the best thing, with the very best motives, but someone has misunderstood or, even worse, taken those actions and put them in the worse light possible. The picture that is spread around of you makes you into someone you don’t even recognize. Flat-out not true. But trying to defend yourself just doesn’t seem to work. What can you do? You are not alone.

The Bible says, “God is love” (1 John 4:8) and “Full of compassion” (Psalm 86:15) and that He does only good for us (James 1:17). But He has been misunderstood, and His character has been blackened. Jesus came 2000 years ago to reveal what God is like. He said if you want to know what God is like—He is like Me. What does that look like?

A story: A man walking through the woods and fell into a deep pit. Try as he might, he could not get out, so he began to call for help. A stranger heard his call and looking down into the pit saw the situation and began telling the man that he needed to be more careful and avoid falling into pits. The next person who heard his cry took out a manual that told how to get out of pits with ropes but then left without giving the man a rope. A third person, looking down in the pit, recognized the man as his friend. The man asked his friend for a rope so he could get himself out of the pit, but instead his friend jumped into the pit with him. “What did you do that for?” he said. “Now we are both stuck!” “No,” said his friend, “I have been here before, and I know the way out.”

The Bible reveals a God who comes alongside us and experiences life with us. He has been here and knows how to get out of the mess we’re in. We can trust Him in spite of all the things said about Him.


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