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By Mildred Lykens
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Small office space available


April 10, 2019

It appears that the Lyle BOGO went over very well. The parking lot was full at the First Saturday Lions Breakfast, and later those who came to the Community Clean Up got rid of all their unwanteds. If the rain kept some people from the Clean Up, it’s probably for the best, because the two 50-yard dumpsters were filled and ready for transfer to the landfill before closing time. What a cold and wet day it was, but the community was generous, and their donations will help both the Twin Bridges Museum and the Lyle Community Council. It was good to see the clutter that had once been an eye sore packed into those trailers and know that it is going to a far better place, far, far away.

A neighbor from down river (Stevenson) is sending out an SOS for an event coming this fall. I know it’s early, but these things seem to come faster than expected when plans aren’t solidified, and I get where she’s coming from with a cry-out this early. Her message follows: “I am looking for potential jurors to judge art for this year’s 40th Annual Exhibition of the Artists of the Gorge event held at the Stevenson Community Library. The event will be held from Oct. 5 (opening reception) through Nov. 2. I am looking for a judge, or judges, with a strong background in oil, water and pastel paints, photography, ceramics and in fiber arts. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide me on this. An added program this year is to have an artist, or two, do a residency type event for a Saturday during the exhibition. We are asking the judges to award the prizes, attend the event, and engage with attendees to speak about the criteria they used in judging the art work.” For more information, call Marshall Shapiro at the Stevenson Community Library, (509) 427-5471. I know we have some excellent artists in our area, and it’s time you let everyone else know.

I was disappointed in seeing a poster at the post office advertising a game night, sponsored by our local kids—not because of what they are doing, but because if they had notified me, I could have reached more people for them. After all, The Sentinel, for example, reaches nine out of 10 adults in Goldendale. If any of you readers have an event that you would like the local residents, or county-wide residents, to know about, by all means notify me with the who, what, where, when, why—and sometimes how—of it, and if it is appropriate for the column, I will try to make the event more of a success.

If you are looking for a small office space for a business, there is one available as of April 15, at the Activity Center on 3rd Street. The office is approximately 108 sq. ft, plus: private bathroom, deep closet, extra sink, and cabinet space for extra storage. Only $225 a month which includes all utilities, WiFi, and use of a classroom for larger meetings or events. For more information or to schedule a visit, please send email to or call (360) 608-5916.


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